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Tavia Yeung Admits Dating Him Law After Caught in His Lap ›


CLOT and Mosley Tribes


That’s right Edwin, grab that ass!


Last batch of Eternal Happiness gifs. Don’t you think Michelle looks charming in that uniform?


This part is cute and I love Raymond’s expression when wanting to eat that half eaten bun.


This part is cute. The guy is finally in level with the girl after standing on two boxes.


王力宏 2012 [龍的傳人] 幕後花絮 Leehom 2012 [Descendants of the Dragon] Behind the Scenes

Wish and Switch: this is a Tai Hei appreciation post
i have no idea what this little boy’s real name is haha his acting in Wish and Switch was so awesome and his facial expressions were so epic… love this child actor so much!! now only if bosco and myolie ever get casted in a drama, this boy would be their son muahahha cough

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Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) is a highly acclaimed 36 year old actress from Hong Kong. She was second runner up in the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant of 1997. She is known for numerous roles in TVB dramas.

I’ve grown up watching Charmaine Sheh ever since I knew what a TV was. If you asked me a few years ago who I thought was the prettiest actress ever, I would tell you Charmaine Sheh. She has always been the prettiest actress I’ve ever known ever since I was little and will continue to be gorgeous even when I start to find out about other gorgeous actresses.

15 Most Gorgeous Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese celebrities

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I’m skimming through this drama again. And did I ever mention that I love Sam/Zoe pairing in Triumph To The Skies?

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